ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. My Completion of New Year Resolutions!

Dec 27, 2019 | Health Coaching, Wellness

The beginning of a new year brings along resolutions, new ideas and plans. This new year brings with it the beginning of a new decade which could multiply ones need to REALLY stick with those resolutions and plans.  I don’t know about you, but my completion rate of new years resolutions is zero, zip, zilch!  I find myself more stressed about not adhering to my grand ideas and plans that it can become depressing.


For the past several years I started a new way to approach the new year and what I might do to bring some changes into the new weeks and months ahead for me.  I started to set intentions instead of making resolutions.  You might be wondering, “What the heck is the difference?”  For me, resolutions feel like a chore list, a begrudging to do list that I chide myself for not completing, never mind that I didn’t even start that dreaded list! How do I magically come up with more hours in the day to “hit the gym”?


Intentions are much more fluid, more flexible than my hard, stiff to do list.  Intentions are who I want to become, they are my goals, hopes and values.  When I sit down to think about what will go on my list this year/decade, I consider where I want to be in 5 years and work backwards on what I need to do to accomplish my desires. What do I want to improve about my character? What are my goals professionally and personally?

None of my intentions look like a check list, but like an attainable moving process that builds on itself to make sustainable change and progress.


Here are my 2020 and beyond Intentions:

Be Grateful

  • Verbalize my gratitude to my husband for the love and support he shows me daily.
  • Tell my staff how much their dedication to our shop means to me.
  • Thank my body for it’s strength to heal and get strong to keep me in shape.
  • Tell my Mom and her Partner how much I appreciate them and love them.
  • For a warm home, clean clothes and healthy food to eat.

Be Present

  • Put my phone in the bedroom while having dinner at home or in my purse on silent while out with friends or family.
  • Unplugging from electronics for 4 or more hours on Sunday to focus on my home, my business and/or my family.
  • Look people in the eye and engage with them as an active listener while they are speaking to me.
  • When in nature, take the time to touch the plants, feel the earth and smell the flowers and air.
  • Meditate daily.

Be Playful

  • Engage my mind and body in fun a activities. Bike riding, hiking, and laughing with my friends and family.
  • Keep my sense of humor – always!
  • Rule #62 – “Don’t take yourself so damned seriously.”
  • Be childlike in my inquires of topics that interest me.
  • Be mature when necessary, responsible when I have to and always remain fun and playful in my life.

Be Inspired

  • Ask my mentors what keeps them going when things get tough.
  • Read a book that calls to my soul.
  • Be creative and not judgmental about my lack of artistic ability.
  • Continue to write chapters of my book.
  • Ask the women I consider successful how they achieved their success. (I am not just talking about financial success, there are many values that can define success.)

When I find myself struggling, I can go back to this list of Intentions and look through them to see how many I am engaging in daily.  This list is where I want to go, who I want to be and it will change as the year rocks along.  I find that I usually ADD to the list as the year rocks on.  It is very empowering to know that you are contributing to your own well being and to make positive sustainable changes that can help you find your dreams and desires.  This feels much nicer, lighter and powerful than a dreaded hard to do list!


What are your Intentions for 2020?


Thank you for your love and support of Mosaic Wellness this past year, we have enjoyed meeting you and helping you create the ripple effect of peace and wellness in your life!

Happy New Year!!


Karin, Owner