CBD for Pets

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About CBD for Pets 

Did you know that CBD can provide the same benefits for pets as it can for humans? All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). And since CBD interacts the ECS, CBD can be just as helpful for your furry friends as it can be for you.

Pet CBD products are formulated specifically for pets, in order to provide the proper dosage for them. Pet CBD products come in different forms, like easy-to-administer CBD drops and delicious CBD treats, so you can choose which type of CBD product your pet would love most. 

About Mosaic Wellness CBD for Pets 

You care about your pets and we do too. That’s why we only carry high quality CBD for pets that is safe, non-toxic, and third party lab-tested. Browse our selection of CBD pet products below to find the CBD product that’s perfect for your beloved pet.

Our products contain less than 0.3% THC or are completely THC-FREE.

CBD for Pets

FAQ About CBD for Pets 


What is CBD for pets?

The CBD used in CBD pet products is the same CBD used in products for humans (though pet products generally contain different dosages). CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is one of numerous cannabinoids present in cannabis and hemp plants. At Mosaic Wellness, we carry products that contain hemp CBD, which is derived from hemp plants.


What is in CBD for pets?

CBD products for pets contains organic broad spectrum hemp oil, full spectrum hemp CBD oil or CBD isolate. They may also contain other pet-safe ingredients such as Salmon Oil, MCT coconut oil, turmeric, or chickpea flour. All of our CBD pet products are safe and non-toxic for pets. Because we carry a variety of products from different brands, each product contains different ingredients. Click the products above to learn more about each unique product’s ingredients.


What should I do after I give my pet CBD for pets? 

While CBD generally does not have any side effects, for humans or other mammals, we recommend observing your animals before and after giving them CBD. Pet parents know their animals best, so we recommend that pet owners observe their pet to determine whether or not they’re having an optimal response to any product. 

We also generally recommend keeping your CBD pet products in a safe place out of reach of your pets or children. In extreme doses, CBD products can cause some drowsiness in humans or other animals. 


Do your CBD products contain THC? 

While some CBD for pets can contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid commonly known for its psychoactive properties, all our premium CBD products are hemp derived and are either THC-free or contain only 0.3% THC or less. 


How do you administer CBD drops for pets? 

With any CBD product, we recommend following the directions on your specific product’s label. Generally, CBD drops for pets are administered in two common ways. One, by placing CBD oil drops on your hand and allowing your pet to lick the oil. Two, by dropping oil directly into your pet’s mouth (with this method, we would advise you to remember not to place the dropper directly in your pet’s mouth, using a spoon is suggested). CBD oil products for pets can also be used topically. 


What’s better for pets: CBD dog treats or CBD oils? 

You know your pet best, we recommend selecting the pet CBD product you feel is right for your pet. A CBD dog treat (one of the most popular types of CBD for dogs) is the easiest and most accurate consumption method. CBD oil (also sometimes called “CBD tinctures”) can be a viable option for more rapid onset if the animal allows for the drops to be placed in the mouth as opposed to licking the CBD drops off a spoon. 


Should I consult my veterinary medicine practitioner before giving my pet CBD? 

It’s always a good idea to consult your medical practitioner before trying any new supplements, including ones that contain CBD. CBD is safe and non-toxic but it can sometimes interact with certain prescription medications for certain medical conditions.


Are CBD for dog products or CBD for pet products FDA-approved? 

While the Food and Drug Administration is currently collecting information about CBD products, and many scientists are actively researching CBD, no over-the-counter CBD products are currently FDA approved for humans or animals. While you may hear many anecdotal reports about the possible benefits of CBD for pets or humans (such as people saying it positively affects their chronic pain, anxiety, or quality of life), more research is currently needed on the effects of CBD.