De-Stress Guided Meditation 

led by Kiki Matoba

Wednesdayss @ 7-8pm

De-Stress: a weekly guided meditation class with biofield therapy.

Course Overview:

Stress causes many disrupting symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and brain fog which can lead to sickness and disease.

Meditation is an all-natural practice that improves how we process and react to life. Guided meditation gives the mind something to focus on, helps the body to physically relax, and creates an optimal environment to simply slow down and freely let go for a moment in time.

Biofield therapy is a noninvasive technique where the practitioner interacts with the fields of energy and information surrounding the body to stimulate healing responses in the receiver.

In this class there will be soothing music, guided breathing techniques, meditation, gentle touch therapy, and an infusion of Reiki.

Create a weekly self-care routine, step outside of your normal life for a moment, and slow down, relax, release, and rejuvenate in a safe, peaceful, and loving space.


Suggested Donation is $20

*No one turned away for lack of funds